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Have you ever considered preparing your body for a child before pregnancy? 

We love helping families prepare their body as a vessel for a healthy pregnancy before a new life has even formed. We discuss foundational metabolic processes that help build a healthy baby, explain proper nervous system input to the uterus and ensure your mind and body are ready for pregnancy. This allows us to help you create the family of your dreams. 

Trouble Conceiving? 

We help to improve your overall health to improve your chances of conceiving. Dr. Whitley is committed to helping women who are willing to make a change but have found no real solution. We check many things that could have been overlooked by other doctors in order to get your fertility to an optimal state through promoting overall health. 

Did you know chiropractic care during pregnancy has been shown to not only reduce pain but also leads to shorter labor times and easier birth? Dr. Whitley is trained in Webster technique which helps balance the neuro-biomechanics of your pelvis in order to leave room for baby to move and turn as needed. This can be especially helpful when baby is presenting as breech or transverse. 

We also provide nutritional support during pregnancy to make sure that you're on the correct prenatal and other supplementation needed.

Dr. Whitley is a BIRTHFIT Regional Director and incorporates the BIRTHFIT pillars with each patient. We can help guide you through this amazing journey of motherhood and preparing and training your body for birth. We use nutrition, fitness, mindset and chiropractic to help you have the prenatal and birth experience you envision for yourself. 

Did you know that during a natural, unmedicated delivery there is at least 50 pounds of pressure on your baby's spine and nervous system?  This is why Dr. Whitley checks newborns as soon as they're born for subluxation or interference to their nervous system. How will you know if your baby can benefit from chiropractic care? If they aren't doing the things babies do - eat, sleep and poop. 

Older kiddos also benefit from chiropractic care for many reasons. We specialize in neuro-biomechanical issues and help correct brain and neurologically-based interference through a variety of techniques. 

Being a mother is a selfless job, but this doesn't mean you have to neglect yourself. The postpartum period lasts forever. Immediately postpartum is a very delicate time for moms. We view birth (even cesarean) as the most athletic event your body will ever endure. We help ensure that you recover from birth so that you can be the best momma you're designed to be. 

Did you know your spine has a normal position? Just like you have a normal temperature and heart rate, your spine has its own "normal". We use diagnostic x-rays in order to find the root cause of your subluxation or interference to your nervous system. We specifically adjust you based off of your own x-rays in order to bring your body into a normal state of balance. 

Have you ever had someone tell you that your lab work was "fine" when you felt like something was else was wrong? Dr. Whitley digs deep to find the root cause of whatever problems you may be experiencing. We use many functional tests in order to find answers for you. Once we have those answers, we use specific supplements and nutrition plans to guide you to reach your health goals.